Benefits of
implement Brain It

Facilitates clinical decision making by recording a complete medical history.

It makes doctors’ time more efficient by saving
time for administrative tasks.

Provides medical follow-up
by recording results.

The application is an Ecological Software,
it only consumes energy while it is in use.

Focuses medical care following
international protocols.

It facilitates the flow of patients and speeds up the scheduling of future consultations.

It offers health education to patients and without additional costs.

Brain It is your
Health Companion

Medical attention begins when you request the medical shift.

With the Brain It Health Companion,
You can answer the reason for your medical consultation, history or previous ailments.

You also receive educational and interactive
medical information about your diagnosis. As well as follow-up guidelines
and reminders of upcoming shifts.

Brain It is
Medical Intelligence

Time savings in each consultation, without losing the quality of care.

Greater professionalism, reduction of work fatigue and margins of error.

Routine patient questions answered in a focused and efficient manner.

Medical histories written automatically.

Easy access to the information.

Remote access to the platform (ideal for video calls, phone consultations).

Greater medical care without losing the quality of care.

Why Brain It
is the best ?