Health companion

This tool allows the patient to start his consultation immediately at the time of requesting the medical shift.

With the personalized assistance of our platform, and through dynamic algorithms, personalized and developed by the Brain It medical team, patients provide complete information before the consultation about the reasons for their consultation, history  of diseases with peace of mind, comprehensive and focused.

Based on the patient’s responses, the Brain It platform automatically generates a clinical history of the patient’s illness that can be read or listened to in less than 1 minute by the medical professional. 

Once the medical consultation is over, the Health Companion provides the patient with information about the diagnosed pathology through educational videos. And it allows  the Clinic or Medical Institution to manage personalized patient follow-up and send reminders for their next visit.


Manager of waiting rooms
and Electronic Medical Records

Brain It offers all types of medical institutions, clinics, offices, independent professionals, a patient management computer system that facilitates the flow of patients in the institution’s waiting room.

In addition, the platform allows the recording of important patient data. Such as personal data, previous visits to the institution, use of monitoring modules, among other things.

The Brain It platform also allows institutions to automatically generate and document patient medical records; reducing the administrative work of doctors and health professionals associated with it.

The system is easy to use for both clinic administrative staff, patients and doctors. Information can be accessed from a mobile device or computer and does not require downloads or memory usage.

With Brain it, you have a real-time view of the institution’s waiting room, the flow of patients already seen and in the process of care, the patient’s medical history, the follow-up modules, among other things.


Brain It makes available to its users an electronic store with multiple modules for diagnosis, monitoring and education on medical pathologies.

All modules are the exclusive property of Brain It and developed by specialized medical professionals. In addition, each module is developed based on the real needs within the office.

Through personal consultancies, we provide development of modules adapted to the needs and preferences of each medical professional. Consult our representatives for a private meeting. (here link to go to contact)

Medical modules
adapted to the needs
of each professional.

Why ecological?

This is a **green software**, developed with technologies that reduce the impact on the environment.

It only consumes energy for microseconds when you interact with it; it then stays off in computing clouds that are sustained by renewable energy.

In addition, by optimizing patient care, we reduce the use of paper, air conditioners, lighting and drinking water in your health center.